Step 1 - Review and Design
We meet to understand your design preferences and tour the property. We gather information from you and your designer/architect to begin crafting a detailed proposal and estimate for your renovation.  

Step 2 - Scope of Work Proposal
We then provide a comprehensive Scope of Work, based on an exhaustive review of the existing property conditions. The Scope clearly describes all work to be completed and is presented for your approval.
We also provide a preferred sub-contractors that we use for each and every project and help find the contractor that can meet the budget and the time constraints that are specific to your project.

Step 3 - Execution and Management
We believe that communication is essential, so we provide a dedicated Project Manager to review all aspects of the project and host “Snap Shot” site meetings with you weekly.

Throughout the construction, we will keep you apprised on any  selections that need to be made, deadlines, project schedule updates, or questions you may have.

Step 4: Follow Through
Once the work is complete. We will tour the space with the client, itemizing any details that need to be finished; keep a detailed list. Complete a final inspection with the client, checking off the items from your preliminary walk-through. Go over instructions for equipment and discuss warranties. Let the new space settle in for a few months. Make sure all systems work properly. Call us back for any follow-up repairs; We will make sure to check back periodically to make sure everything is right.